Quality Wool offers a range of marketing options


  • Your wool is promptly tested at our wool stores using our privately-owned core lines, with our own AWTA-accredited facilities all on site. You will receive a market appraisal value and our expert representatives will discuss the latest market trends with you prior to auction. Quality Wool offers auction catalogues at every Melbourne sale.

Private buying

  • Whether you have one bale or 1000 bales, you can receive offer prices on-farm or following the testing of your wool via our AWTA-accredited facilities.

Cash payment

  • In addition to private buying via our many private buying stores, you can receive immediate pricing and cash payment.

Forward contracts

  • Our Guaranteed Minimum Price product sets a base price for you and, if you are willing to pay a predetermined premium, it enables you to participate in any upside.
  • Our Hedge to Arrive product allows you to lock-in an agreed price. It is cash settled against the AWEX MPG on the day your physical wool is sold at auction to the highest bidder.
  • You can also receive a Firm Price Offer against any portion of your future wool clip. We can offer physical greasy delivery contracts for all wool types and descriptions.

On-farm wool pick up/shed cleanout

  • You can contact your local Quality Wool representative to arrange for a visit. We have our own trucks and can offer freight savings and the best possible pricing on-farm, or you can have your wool picked up as part of a shed cleanout prior to or after shearing.


  • Via strong established relationships with global customers over many years, we can offer premium prices for wool that meets specific requirements direct to overseas mills.

Wooltrade (electronic selling)

  • You can have your wool in front of buyers 24/7 using Wooltrade. We appraise your wool, discuss market values, set the price targets and monitor all activity for you.

Get in touch with your local wool marketing representative here to discuss your options

Absolute security for your money

With Quality Wool, you are always assured of receiving full payment for your wool. Our exclusive ‘Growers Payment Trust’ provides you with absolute security. All payments received for your clip are deposited directly into the Trust account, ensuring full payment of your wool proceeds.